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Sähkökilta (mean­ing the Guild of Elec­trical En­gin­eer­ing), a.k.a. Skilta, is a so­ci­ety work­ing ac­cord­ing to its reg­u­la­tions for the profit of its mem­bers. Skilta’s op­er­a­tions are taken care of by its board and clerks.
You can join Skilta at the Skilta Sales Duty ser­vice (mem­ber­ship fee 5 €) or here. You will get in­form­a­tion about Skilta’s events and other activ­it­ies along with study­ing re­lated news by sub­scrib­ing mem­bers’ mail­ing list via Mail­man web in­ter­face.
Skilta’s guild room is loc­ated in the ground floor of Sähkötalo. You are very wel­come to spend time at Skilta by for ex­ample play­ing cards or re­lax­ing between (or dur­ing...) lec­tures.
You can find the postal address of Sähkökilta and other contact information on the Contact Information page.