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Hey you fuksi! This site is made solely because of/​thanks to you and it should contain every piece of information that you need to live trough your first few weeks of studying.

TUT is a vast entirety and gathering all information about it up would be too big a job even for Wikipedia. That’s why we fuksi people have put this "best of"-assortment together. You probably won't find everything you want to know here so feel free to contact Jesse or me (Juho) if there is something on your mind.

I am your fuksi captain and Jesse is your fuksi official for the next year and to­gether we are called fuksi people. Our job is to make sure that you and all other fuksis, Finnish or not, integrate into the teekkari community and assimilate the teekkari culture. In practice that means that we arrange many happenings and things for you to do so you get to know each other and other students easily.

Links to Skilta's Face­book and In­s­tagram!

Electric Shepherd
Jesse Christensen

Some matters of importance:

Fuksi?: = (fresh­man)first year student in an university.

Teekkari??: = A person studying in the field of technology in an university. At Tampere University of Technology fuksis become teekkaris in Wappu(the First of May), after they have been dipped in the refreshing waters of Tammerkoski!

Fuksi-passport?: = A booklet, where you collect stamps when you attend to different events, or when you complete various study-, guild-, or club-related tasks! In order to be­come a true teekkari in Wappu, you should gather over 300 fuksi points! The task isn’t that difficult, you get the amount of points easily! Just remember to ask stamps from your fuksi people!

Communicating with others?: Skilta has couple of Telegram channels for communication, check out Telegram here.

How do I get informed??: Skilta has its own facebook page, go ahead and like it so you will stay tuned on all the cool events! Also, read your TUT-mail!! You should have the address and many of you have been added to the mailing lists. If however you don’t get information mails, please send mail to Skilta’s informations officer and you will be added to the mailing lists. Remember, we can’t get your addresses automatically!


Sauna events

A couple of times in a year we are hav­ing events at a sauna (you know sauna; the Finnish sub­sti­tute for su­per­food, since we don’t have sea­weed). There we sing, have fun to­gether, and of course go to sauna. These events are usu­ally or­gan­ized at Teekkarisauna called Mör­rimöykky near TUT, but for ex­ample the semester’s open­ing sauna, Kilto­jen Ava­jais­sauna (Guilds’ Open­ing Sauna), takes place at Koo-Vee’s sauna in Ylöjärvi (some 50 km from Tampere).

Keskiasteen välitutkinto

Keski­asteen Väl­i­tutk­into is a dif­fer­ent sort of de­gree, in or­der to com­plete which you need to visit a few Her­vant-ean pubs. The event is or­gan­ized right in the be­gin­ning of the semester, and the new fresh­men (fuk­sis) will get to com­plete a de­gree of their own: the Fuksi De­gree (Fuk­s­i­tutk­into). This is one of the best ways to get to know Her­vanta!


Dur­ing Wappu Skilta or­gan­izes a sport-ish event called Ku­mi­pelaus­ISO. In this game the in­ner tube of a wheel­bar­row acts the "ball". Usu­ally it is played at a beach, though some­times the game has taken a trip into the wa­ter too...


Ex­cur­sions, a.k.a. XQs, are or­gan­ized a couple of times a year. Usu­ally it is about vis­it­ing com­pan­ies in the area of elec­trical tech­no­logy. "Rankka" is an ex­cur­sion, which takes a few days longer.


n Septem­ber Skilta or­gan­izes a wine fest­ival at the court­yard of Sähkötalo (one of TUT’s build­ings) with other g***ds hav­ing rooms in Sähkötalo. Any­one is al­lowed to pre­pare their own exotic bever­age for oth­ers to taste; let the best wine win!

Study materials

Skilta has an exam archive (both traditional and online) and a bookshelf, which is located next to Skilta’s study corner. You can borrow books and old exams as long as you remember to return them back to where they belong, so that others get to use them too.

Pimp My Grill

Dur­ing Wappu the court­yard of Sähkötalo is taken over by a huge bar­be­cue party. This event gets to­gether the most mag­ni­fi­cent grills and the finest saus­ages. Also this event is or­gan­ized in col­lab­or­a­tion with other guilds.