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Irssi guide

If you wish to use e.g. IRC on TUT serv­ers, you can log in either one of the fol­low­ing serv­ers with your in­tranet ac­count (user­name and pass­word): or,. In or­der to use these ma­chines you need to ap­ply for the ac­cess rights in POP, un­der Study Info > IT ser­vices > Com­puters > Linux.

At the mo­ment we don't have an ex­tens­ive Irssi guide in Eng­lish, since clear and easy to fol­low tu­tori­als are so easy to find. If you aren't tech­nic­ally savvy enough to get IRC and Irssi (IRC cli­ent pop­ularly used) up and run­ning by your­self, you can start with this one.

To con­nect to IR­Cnet serv­ers you can use com­mand:


Al­most all of the of­fi­cial and un­of­fi­cial TUT and Skilta chan­nels are on IR­Cnet. The of­fi­cial chan­nels of Skilta are #skilta and #skiltafuksit2020 for fuk­sis. Con­ver­sa­tions on these chan­nels are cur­rently mostly in Finnish.