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Study advisor

The study advisor of the Electrical Engineering degree programme is Sanna Grundström (office TD208, You can book an appointment via the Bookings system here. You can find the office hours of the study advisort in the calendar below.

Study advisor solves your problems, if your tutor or your mother isn’t able to help. He also verifies everyone’s PSPs, so advise is provided for choosing courses, planning schedule, completing courses, and other studying related issues.

You can send an E-mail anytime and once we can work at the campus again, you can visit the office always when the door is open!

Student representatives

Faculty Council is the highest decision-making unit at the level of faculties. The strategy and budget of the faculty is the responsibility of its council, as well as is verifying the aim and content of degree programmes, study modules, and courses on administrative board’s proposal.

The administrative board of a degree programme is a unit, which amongst other things prepares the changes made to study modules.

In these units there are also students as plenipotentiary members. Their mission is to ensure, that the decisions made by the units are favourable also in the perspective of students. If you have any question, comment, or suggestion for student representatives, don’t hesitate to contact them via email: tst-halloped [ät]

The student representatives in term 2017-2018

The administrative board for the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering

Masi Kajander, vice Mikko Kauhanen
Tiina Mikkonen, vice Janne Aare
Atte Piispanen, vice Meri Turunen
Juha Köykkä, vice Mervi Mahlamäki

Department of Signal Processing

Reima Hyvönen, vice Mikko Kauhanen

Department of Electrical Engineering

Petri Seppä, vice Mervi Mahlamäki

The team responsible for planning the Degree Programme of Computing and Electrical Engineering

Mikko Kauhanen, vice Olli Eloranta
Mervi Mahlamäki, vice Atte Piispanen

Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

Juha Köykkä

The team responsible for planning the Doctoral Programme of Computing and Electrical Engineering

Minna Niittymäki


Professional clubs

TeLE → Signal Processing and Communications Engineering
Pollex → Biomedical Engineering
Telok → Electronics
TTRK → Wireless communications
SETKO → Electrical Power Technology

Other Guilds of Electrical Engineering in Finland

SIK → Otaniemi
SIK → Oulu
Armatuuri → Lappeenranta
Sätky → Lappeenranta


What does it mean?

EESTEC, a.k.a. Electrical Engineering STudens European assoCiation, is an international organization for computing and electrical engineering students of European technical universities.

So what do they do?

EESTEC helps its members in building and developing international relations with other students and universities in the same area of studies.

Yeah but tell me something concrete!

As a member of EESTEC you will get to participate numerous workshops, cultural exchanges, and motivational events across Europe! For instance, workshops are week-long exchanges, where you complete a short project-like course in a subject the organizing LC has chosen.

How much do I need to pay for it?

The actual content of the workshops and exchanges is free, and you pay only for your travelling costs. In other words the only cost of the trip is the one of the flight ticket. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

"Accomodation and three meals per day (of which one must be a hot dish) must be provided by the Organizing Commitee."(EESTEC Rules of Procedure 2014, 7.2.1 Event Standards).

Where do I get more information?