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Slack guide

Join Skilta’s new Slack team!

Directions below:
  1. Go to ad­dress:
  2. Cre­ate an ac­count with your @stu­ ad­dress. You have to cre­ate an ac­count with your stu­dent ad­dress but you can later change it if you pref­ere gmail ad­dress for ex­ample.
  3. Talk. Now you have an ac­count. You can start talk­ing. Chan­nels you can see on the left and #skilta-gen­eral is the gen­eral chan­nel. Join also #skilta-in­ter­na­tional.
  4. Down­load the app. You should down­load the app to your Com­puter here. Log in with your user­name and pass­word.
  5. Check your set­tings. Check at least these:
    1. File à Pref­er­ences à Mes­sages & Me­dia à Com­pact mode, to com­pact your desktop-Slack as com­pact as pos­sible.
    2. Lower from the same page you can de­cide whether Slack shows people with their real names or with their user­names. It’s more con­veni­ent with user­names.
    3. Your real name (View Pro­file & Ac­count à Edit)
    4. Your user­name (View Pro­file & Ac­count à Ac­count). People can ad­dress mes­sages to you with your user­name.
    5. Pref­er­ences à No­ti­fic­a­tions: Only dir­ect mes­sages and hilight words. (After this you will only re­cieve mes­sages ad­dressed to you and from words you have high­lighted).
    6. You can put words to High­light Words from the same Place and get no­ti­fic­a­tions from them. For ex­ample your name or ”Skilta”.
  6. You can ad­dress mes­sages to people by writ­ing their user­names in the mes­sage. For ex­ample writ­ing timppa or @timppa to a mes­sage reaches our Re­spons­ible of Com­mu­nic­a­tions Tiia.
  7. By writ­ing @here you will send a no­ti­fic­a­tion to all those who are on­line. This is re­served for ad­mins, don’t use this. @chan­nel gives a no­ti­fic­a­tions to all of those who are in that chan­nel. That is why in #skilta-gen­eral only ad­mins use this. You can use that com­mand in your Private chan­nels.
  8. You should set it to open al­ways when you open your com­puter so that you wont for­get it!

There it is in a nut­shell. Do­main is a team. You can join many other teams in­clud­ing this and they all will be shown as a list in an app. In­side a team you can also cre­ate smal­ler chan­nels. If you pref­ere to con­nect to Slack dir­ectly from IRC, dir­ec­tions to do that can be found from in­ter­net.