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  Apply to board 2020!  

Skilta’s is recruiting a new board for year 2020!

Chair of the Board application period is 14.-21.10.2019 here: Chair of the Board applications will be visible to members immediately.

Application period to all the other positions is 14.-27.10.2019 here: These applications will become vivimble to all after the application period in 28.10.2019. Before this, only those who have applied for the Chair of the Board position will see the applications.

You can see Chair of the Board applications here:

Chair of the Board and the rest of the board will be chosen in guild’s general meeting 11.11.2019. Actual members have the right to vote in guild’s general meetings.

If you have any questions, you can contact this year’s chair of the board Samu Lampinen. You can also contact that member from this year’s board which position you are interested! Contact informations are here: