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  Skilta's general meeting and pre Christmas sauna!  

Skilta's general meeting will be held 11.11. at 2 pm at SA203 (S2) and there is going to be for example: next year's boards selection, changes to our rules, startegy and next year's financail statement and action plan. General meeting will be held in finnish but you are welcome to join.

So, welcome to Skilta's Pre-Christmas party at Teekkarisauna right after the general meeting! There will be free Christmas food, hot tub, Herwanta game and a performance by freshmen. If you bring a small 1-2 € gift with you, Father Christmas will give you something in return.

The sauna will open for the members after the general meeting, so about at 6 pm. About the timetables for sauna will be informed during the event day.

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