The board of Sähkökilta has selected new officials to aid with operations in 2020. The new people and positions are listed below:

Mikko Rauhanen - Sports responsible
Ida Sippola - International official
Salla-Mari Palokari - Consultant
Petri Haapala - Excursion official
Paavo Asikainen - Corporate official
Nicklas Uusitalo – Corporate official
Lari Leino - TEK contact person
Roope Raisio - Project official
Simo Hailla - Event official
Niko Kangasniemi - Event official
Kirsi Vilkko - Event official
Eero Talus - IT-Junior
Max Mecklin - IT-Guru
Aurora Kaaja - Editor in chief
Maija Luukko – Media official
Jukka Johansson - Non-comatose official
Janne Nousiainen - Food and drink official
Joel Tuomisto - Food and drink official
Nuutti Nissinen – Guild official
Kaisa Kjellman - Archive official
Kristian Osara - Secretary's help
Saana Kaario – Feedback official

Additionally Mikko Impiö, Mikko Kauhanen and Salla-Mari Palokari were chosen to form a project committee.

Thanks to everyone who applied!