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Sähkökilta is looking for two Food-Drink Officials

Sähkökilta is fast looking for two (2) Food-Drink Officials to be part of the board until 3.10.

You are the person we are looking for, if you are interested in doing things together, your free time is not completely booked and you want to meet new people. The following things are considered an advantage when applying: nothing, apply if interested!

The duties include e.g. assisting the Food Official and the Refreshments Official, visiting the wholesaler and taking charge of guild rooms supply. You will also get to know the sauna facilities, school cellars and storage rooms, as well as brewery products of different looks and sizes.

This job also serves as an easy landing in the wonderful and immersive world of guild jobs (greetings from 2019 Food-Drink Official , 2020 Fuksi Official and now the big boss of the guild clothing project, Joel).

You can apply from Skilta's webpage from "Guild" and "Guild room assistant" or .

If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact the current Food Official Tuukka (at)semituukka or the Rehfreshment Official Tommi (at)Tommyller. Questions are also answered by (at)fuksikapu and (at)fuksipaimen.